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Key Workers


Could all parents who are key workers please email the headteacher following the announcement from the government yesterday. Key workers are : NHS, Emergency Services, Food delivery drivers and Teaching Staff. 

Thank you,

Mrs Bladen-Kay

Ethos Group - Woodstreet Missions


We had a Christmas Jumper day last week and raised £125 for Woodstreet Missions.

Woodstreet Missions is a charity we have supported in the past.

Wood Street Missions has provided toys for local children at Christmas since the charity began in 1869, and it continues to be their busiest time of year. Every year, thanks to supporters, they collect thousands of toys and goodies to distribute to families in need across Manchester and Salford.

Today the Ethos group took the money that they raised and walked to Wilkinsons in Eccles to buy presents for those less fortunate. Each child was in charge of a certain amount of money which they had to spend accordingly. We only went over by £1.30! :)

Woodstreet Missions will come on Friday to collect the presents from us!


“This is such a good day!”  - Olivia

“I’m just imagining their faces as they open these presents.”  - Davi

“Please can I buy a book, I like books and I hope someone else will.”  - Krystian

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