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Welcome back to school, we are now in the first part our Summer term and so we are about to begin our new topic. Our topic for this half term is 'Superheros!" This topic is going to be a great theme for encouraging story telling language and imaginative role play. To encourage this, we have set up bat cave area in our classroom. In the Bet cave children can write their own super hero stories, role play as super heros, write secret hero messages, use junk modelling to create houses which we will use in our small world play and we will also be making our own super hero masks and costumes. Some of our key stories for this half term are; Supertato, superworm and Eliot the midnight superhero. Your children will learn what a hero is, what they do and about how how all heros wear capes, they can also be everyday people who do every day jobs but make a huge difference. 

Within these stories we will be learn to understand different types of question words 'who', 'what', 'why' and 'how' and we will ask lots of questions throughout the day. You can support us with this by asking your child questions as you read together at home. Please continue to encourage your child to read their reading book at least three times a week as this will boost their confidence, support their memory building and give them lots of opportunities to practise blending words using the sounds they have been taught. 

In our Literacy lessons, we will be exploring lots of story telling language and we will be writing simple sentences about events in a story or story characters. We are now encouraging that your children attempt to write sentences and write about more than one idea. We will be learning and trying to use more words with irregular spellings in our sentences such as; my, the, he/she, you and to.

In our Maths lessons, we will be practising counting forwards and backwards to / from 20. We will learn to count in 2s, 5s and 10s and we will be creating and recreating patterns. 

As it is almost Eid, we will also be learning about how Eid is a special celebration which many of our Muslim friends celebrate. This will give us a great opportunity to learn about how we may have similarities or differences to other people. but we should be respectful of this. We will learn about the mosque and will compare this to when we learn about how a church is a Christian place of worship. 


Key messages to remember for Reception families; 

* School starts at 8.50am and ends at 3pm. Reception need to line up at 8.50am ready to be collected by Miss Hill by the ramp on the infant playground.

*  Home work will be sent our on a Friday and collected on a Monday

* Reading books will be collected on a Wednesday, quarantined for 48 hours and your child will come home with a new reading book each Friday. 

* Please continue to log into Tapestry to see what your child is learning in school, we will also discuss what your child's next steps within the comments on Tapestry. 

* Please read a minimum of three times a week at home and ask your child questions about what they have read to support their understanding.

 * Keep in touch, if you need any extra support of if you have any questions about anything we are here to support you.


Educational Websites to use at home:

Reading websites - 

* The website has fantastic reading activities linked to popular books which are suitable for 3-5 year olds. The website is free to access and has art and craft activities and audio stories for your child to listen to. 

* The website Oxford Owl has a free eBook library for you to access at home. You will need to make an account to access this library,  but it is free to do so. There are over 1000 children's books in the eBook library for you to look at. Follow this link to view this online eBook library now. gives parents access to online reading games. Use the Login : March20 and the Password: Home

* the web link will take you to an official Read Write Inc website which provides videos of how parents can support RWI learning and advises them on how to say the pure sounds correctly to support early reading.   


Maths websites - 

*  The website Top Marks has free online games suitable for Early Years children. The games will help with number recognition, counting practise and also simple addition and subtraction problem solving  

*  The website splashlearn has free Maths games for you to access at home. The games link directly to the Maths curriculum taught in school 


Computing websites - 

* Reception have access to Purple Mash - please use your child's own individual log in which has been given to you on Tapestry. The minimash area is a great place to explore and practise using early computing skills.


We wish you all good health,

stay safe everybody,

Miss Hill

Early Years Lead 

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