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Year 2

Year 2

Thursday 12th May 2022 


SATs test have continued this week. They are carried out in small groups during the next two weeks. More information can be found here: 


Our homework is now ready for this week. Once again the children have their weekly spellings. This week Group 1 are focusing on common exception words. Group 2 are focusing on spellings with the suffix -ed .  Group 3 are now starting as a spelling group. They have basic CVC words to read and learn. The homework for this week is all based on our work in class this week. There is a Mathletics activity on Subtraction, Geography map work and spellings on Emile. Most children are now on Accelerated Reader. They can read their books at home and complete the quizzes during the school day. 


Here a list of websites that the children can visit. 

 Accelerated Reader: 

My On: 

Purple Mash: 




Kind Regards, 

Miss Cregan & Mrs Wells. 

Letters about our upcoming trip to The Lowry have gone out tonight.  


Reading Rubric

Stops to sound out words and often repeats words 
Often stops at words they don’t know 
Reads most words well, stopping for a few 
Reads smoothly and notices when they have made a mistake 




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