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Year 3

Year 3


Hello Year 3 – can you believe this is the 16th pack of Home Learning?!

It was a pleasure to speak to so many of you and your parents this week when I rang home and thank you to those who have sent in their memories from Year 3 – what a lovely way to think back on our year!

This week I have included some work which was requested from children I spoke to on the phone. You have the following activities and plans to follow :

Writing :

During this week you have different focus points. I would like you to start with writing as it will help you with other learning in the week:

·         Day One : Handwriting

·         Day Two : Tense

·         Day Three : Tense

·         Day Four : Adverbs

·         Day Five : Writing (this links to your history work, so complete these on the same day)

Handwriting – Although a lot of you have shown EXCELLENT handwriting in the work you have sent back, some of you and your parents have mentioned that handwriting is a bit tricky at home. So I have included the following things to try and some worksheets to practise at home (there are a LOT here so don’t try to do them all at once! Keep the booklet and practise when you feel like it) :

Handwriting Online : These videos are great for following how to write using cursive and non-cursive script. This is what we practise at school, there are LOTS of helpful ideas on this link.

Handwriting repeater: If you struggle with writing a letter or a word and someone at home is great, get them to write for you and see if you can repeat it by watching the video back!

Handwriting Readiness : Some people always find holding pens and pencils difficult, so it is important to get ‘ready to write’. Try some of these activities to help at home :

Reading : For reading this week I am giving you a poem to read. This poem has lots of new vocabulary and ideas to think about, where the answers can be found in the words of the poem. Is there anything in the poem you already knew about? Is there anything new you learned? Try to read it through and work out first, Who is it about? Where are they? What is happening? When is the poem set? Why are they speaking to us? How do they feel?

History : This week for History we are continuing to find out about Ancient Egypt. This week we are focusing on a child King! His name was Tutankhamun. You will watch videos, listen to a podcast and look at sources of evidence to help you write a diary entry as if you are the people who found out about this mysterious King. Follow your presentation to help you with this work.

Your writing activity links to your History work this week, complete days 1-4 of your English then complete the writing task from your History work using what you know.

Maths : For maths this week we are focusing on Angles. We have covered this work in school before, but we need to revisit and secure the learning we have done. You will need a range of shapes to look at during the lessons, so many go on a shape hunt this week.

Don’t forget to check on your PurpleMash account for some 2Do tasks to complete. They relate to the learning you have done this week J

I hope you enjoy your tasks!

Miss Whatmore



Good Morning Year 3 

I was so pleased to see so many people attended our learning pack exchange last week, tomorrow is the next exchange at 9:15 - 9:45am ; here you can get a paper copy of the learning which is online.

I hope you are still having lots of fun learning at home and hope to see you tomorrow,

Miss Whatmore


Year 3 I have a little task for you! The teachers are busy writing reports about our school year, although it has been different we have lots to be proud of and talk about. The teachers fill in a lot of the report, but there is also a section for YOU to complete! In our reports we ask children to reflect on the year and write a short paragraph about it.

You can tell the person reading what you favourite memory of Year 3 has been, the lessons you enjoyed, what you are looking forward to next year, if you attended a certain club you enjoyed - so much to talk about!

Things to think about:

In Year 3 I really enjoyed...

  • Lledr Hall
  • Music concert in Manchester
  • Creative week (Valentines and Love of Language)
  • Science lessons - Rocks, Light, Healthy Bodies
  • Maths lessons
  • Reading
  • English lessons - writing about Max, Petra, The Grinch
  • P.E / After school clubs
  • Your favourite teachers this year

On Tuesday I will be ringing home to speak to as many of you as I can, so have these ready! Or you can email them to me via the school email - - Just put For Miss Whatmore in the subject box and I can access it!

Thanks everyone,

Miss Whatmore


Hello everyone

As our learning exchange has begun, I would like to clarify that we we have the same work in learning packs as is online for that week. For Year 3 the learning pack collection day is Tuesday. You can come and collect the learning pack - which is a printed copy of the online work - at 9:15-9:45am on Tuesday only. 

Thank you

Miss Whatmore



Good Morning Everyone!

I hope you are all happy and well, and I am so pleased to know that so many of you came to our learning exchange to get new packs of work last week. Our Year 3 learning exchange will be on Tuesday mornings at 9:15-9:45am. Inside the pack is all the work which can be found on our website page so that you can complete it at home.

This week we have work from Maths, English, Science, Reading, History and some Grammar work. 

Hopefully I will see some of you tomorrow morning :)

Miss Whatmore



Hello everyone

Here is a reminder for how to access our school portal for accelerated reader :

If you want to check if a book you are reading is on Accelerated Reader follow :

They will allow you to complete quizzes at home!

Happy reading!



Hello Year 3,

Welcome to another week of learning at home. School has been a really exciting and interesting place to be this week – we have learned how to be safe at school in lessons, at lunchtime and playtime. We are starting to get used to having a ‘new normal’. I wonder when we will be returning to Year 3?!

All of our learning is on the school website, so if you want to look at the slides with colour and images or videos, please go to:

For learning this week, we have :

Art – I have chosen some lessons from the Oak Academy this week for you to follow. At the moment, I am so interested in finding out about the world around me, and looking at Art can teach us so much! I have chosen some lessons for you to follow which are from different cultures and countries around the world.

Art Lesson One : Using the online Oak Academy we have a lesson on Rangoli patterns to follow :

Art Lesson Two : Japanese Origami ancient paper folding:

Art Lesson Three : Creating craft from Greece. The Greeks create and use shadow puppets as a form of entertainment.

Art Lesson Four : In this session we be creating craft from China. The Chinese culture believe dragons are lucky and create many types.

Geography – This week in Geography you are going to be looking at the countries and cities which make up the British Isles. You will need to get online for an atlas or use one that you have at home.

Maths – Your maths tasks this week are all about perimeter. You will need a ruler to help you with some of the tasks, but if you don’t have one, just skip those questions!

Writing – for writing this week you are going to be writing an advert. There is a video to help you, and remember when you are learning at home it is important to ask an adult to access youtube for you!

Reading – Your reading this week is connected to your writing. The story is of the Elves and the Shoemaker. I have given you the text and then questions which will challenge your skills in retrieval, inference and understanding vocabulary.

I hope you have fun learning this week,

Miss Whatmore



Good morning Year 3 

I hope you have enjoyed a sunny week and today seems to be much the same. Today is going to be a the start of a different way of learning for many as school has opened to Year 6 followed by Reception on Wednesday. Year 3 will be continuing to learn from home for now, so keep looking on the website for interesting and exciting learning to try at home. 

This week I have included :

Reading : Your reading this week is based on 'The Magic Finger' by Roald Dahl. If you have been watching our reading videos, you might recognise the story I have been reading! There will be another episode of it this week! I hope you are all managing to read at home and perhaps even complete some Accelerated Reader quizzes. Remember you can check if ANY book has a quiz using then completing your quiz as normal. If you don't have books available at home try these links I have included before:

Here you can find lots of online reading and audiobooks : 

Remember, reading for pleasure is so important. As well as books, you can read magazines, websites, eBooks, listen to stories, leaflets...there are so may ideas!

Grammar and Writing : This week I have given you revision work for the topics you learned last week in Grammar. They will take around 15mins each, then some ideas of how you can apply them in writing. Writing for a longer time is a goal to reach in Year 3. Writing a lot, then going back over your work to find the best (and the worst) parts is important, as we are learning how to create lots of ideas before editing for the final piece.

Maths : For Maths you will be reviewing how to complete addition calculations using a range of methods. These are all methods we have used in school, so this week is to revisit and secure in our memory how to complete this effectively. Remember you can choose the method you find most effective, and if you can't remember just follow the steps and videos I have included.

French : French will challenge you to remember how to say greetings and numbers we have learned, can you remember the different ways to say hello?

Science : If like me, you have been mindful of exercise to stay healthy recently, you will be aware of how your body moves. In Science this week you will be focusing on Muscles. Muscles are really important in our body, do you know why? How many do you think you have? Clue : It's a LOT!

Have some fun learning at home this week and I look forward to hearing from you soon, and perhaps seeing some of your brothers and sisters in school this week,

Miss Whatmore


Hello Year 3!

This morning we are waking up to some sunshine which is very welcome, and for all of those celebrating yesterday and today - Eid Mubarak!

I was lucky enough to talk to some of you last week when I rang home and I have been so proud to hear about all of the things you have been doing at home. If you didn't get a call yet, I am continuing with them this week when I am in school. 

As we are continuing to do our Home Learning I have put up some work for you to try. This week includes :

Mindfulness - while this time away from school can be confusing and the world around us being a little different, it is important we take care of how we feel and those around us. I have added some Mindfulness activities for you to try which help to make a busy world seem a little calmer. 

Maths - this week we are looking at fractions again. You may need some objects to help you with counting and imagining the number this week - dried pasta or pencils or beads could help!

Writing - I have given you some creative writing this week. Everyday you have a little grammar task to complete then on the final session you will use them in a piece of writing. Show me what you know!

Reading - as we were reading Harry Potter in school, I have developed a reading text which has questions linked to it this week. I hope you are all continuing to read at home - how many books have you read?

Art - I have added some artwork for you to try which looks at patterns, colours and methods of drawing in Islamic art. These patterns can be tricky but look stunning when completed, so don't give up!

I hope you enjoy the sunshine today and have some fun learning at home this week,

Miss Whatmore

Good morning Year 3!

How are you? I wonder how many things we will be able to talk about when we get back to school!

For Home Learning this week I have posted some more work for you to try on PurpleMash - I was so impressed with the work that I saw last week and there were some great comments from you all on how you found the tasks!

Grammar - If you go onto PurpleMash and find your '2Do' section you will see activities for conjuction, prefixes, word classes, consonant and vowels and speech marks. These are all areas of grammar which we have learned in school so this is to revisit and secure your knowledge! They're also quite fun to do which is a bonus! Follow this link to access your login page - 

Maths - Maths this week is all about multiplication. There is a presentation for you to follow and inside the presentation are some links and videos which you may want to use if you get unsure of what to do. You will need a pen and paper this week to complete your work. Again, I have also put up some problem solving for you to try alongside your multiplication work.

Science - For your science work this week you have work to complete on Forces. There are also lots of experiments and investigations for you to try at home. Are all forces pushes and pulls? How many forces are at work at home?

Computing - We also have some computing work to follow. There are activities on how to stay safe online. We are using the internet so much more to support our learning at home so we need to know how to stay safe when we are working.

Reading - As always you have some reading tasks to complete which focus on a text followed by questions. This week it is Unicorn Magic and you have different sets of questions which look at different reading skills. Do you remember in school where reading questions would want us to do different things such as find a word which means the same, where is a character, why do you think this happens? Your questions this week focus on these skills for you to try.

I hope you have a happy week and I look forward to seeing you on PurpleMash again!

Miss Whatmore


Hello again Year 3 - I hope you are all safe, well and happy!

We have a range of learning for you to try this week. I would also like you to access your 2do section on Purple Mash. At the start of home learning, you were given your login to PurpleMash in your learning pack and it should be in the back of your reading record too! If you can't remember it or find it, contact school and we can give it to you. Follow this link to access your login page - 

Here you can login and then access your '2do' activities. These will be looking back at learning you have completed at home and learning completed at school. There are History, Art, Maths and Science activities to try. Perhaps leave this until the end of the week so you have lots of understanding to help you, or try a couple a day to have fun learning in a new way!

Maths - Maths this week is all about data handling, looking at graphs and information, and how we understand this work. You may need to bug people at home to help in your collection surveys! Work through the lessons and it will link to the activities to try.

There are also more Maths Problems for you to try throughout the week.

English - There are some more creative writing ideas for your - but be careful, you may be asked to use some aspects of grammar. Take a look through the task and follow your tips and challenges.

I have also popped on some new reading challenges - they are all linked to Science and our digestive system.

History - You may have noticed celebrations for VE day this weekend and ongoing this week. But what is it? There is a presentation and tasks you can try in our History learning this week.

There are LOTS of options for you to try in your home learning this week and I am so proud of all of Year 3 for working so hard at home. Keep it up!

I hope you enjoy learning this week -

Miss Whatmore



Hello Year 3 

Can you believe that we are in May now?! We are in a brand new month - which means we are moving to some new learning. I hope you are enjoying learning at home.

Maths - This week, you have a range Fraction questions to try - if you need some help with understanding what you need to do, follow this link and click on the Week Two videos. Remember with Fractions: drawing out the number, having counters, straws or cubes (or dried pasta) can help you with understanding! 

Also in MATHS - every year group have a link to some challenges which cover all areas of Maths. The document has problems from Year 1 to Year 6 so give them a try!

Science - This week we are looking at some Science experiments into plants - maybe you could do some investigating with flowers and seeds at home.

PSHE - As we are working from home, it can sometimes be tricky to recognise what we have achieved, but you are simply learning and achieving in different ways. I would like you think about the skills and talents you have and what you have achieved in the past few weeks.

RE - If we were in school we would be learning about Prayer. There are so many different cultures around the world and in our community who pray and worship in different ways. Have a look through the activity and see if you can learn something new about a different culture and how they conduct prayer.

Writing - In your writing task this week you have tasks to try using adverbs, prepositions and conjunctions. Then on Friday I would like you to write an extended piece of work :  Using the picture and the prompts, could you write about the picture using adverbs, prepositions and conjunctions we have learned about. When you have completed your writing, identify your work using the colours here : adverbs, preposition and conjunctions.

I hope you are all safe and well, enjoy your learning this week,

Miss Whatmore


Good Morning Year 3 - how are you? I wonder if we could do something a little like circle time, starting with the thinking point : what has this time at home made you thankful for? Could you ask others at home too? I am thankful for time to work on my hobbies, being able to stay in touch with family and friends on video calls and the sunshine which has kept me smiling. I am going to put a list in my window which could prompt others to think too :)

This week in your activities we are looking at History, French, Art, GPS and Maths.

In History we are going back to the Aztecs and I would like you to look at Aztec art. You will be looking at the different materials, patterns and designs used in Aztec art and completing your own projects.

French this week is starting to talk about and learn animals and pet words. You will find out which animals we have as pets and how to say these words. There are some links to French games for you to try inside the documents. This seems like a lot of fun to me!

There are GPS tasks this week to complete, including some handwriting practise. Remember you will be neater if you sit up, use a sharp pencil or a pen and most importantly, take your time joining those letters!

Maths this week has a lot of content but this is because we are looking at money and I wanted to make sure you have lots of practise. You won't need to print off the sheets to practise, but it would be really helpful for you to have some coins to have a look at when you work - can someone at home let you use some of their money? Remember that you must give it back!

Have fun learning this week and Ramadan Mubarak to those in our school celebrating,

I hope you are all happy and well

Miss Whatmore



Hello Year 3 - as our home learning continues, I am thinking of different ways you can learn at home and use your imagination in your work. There are not as many documents in our page this week, but open up the links and you will find lots of activities within each link!

Maths - Maths this week will be based on number. Try to remember the place value work we have done and when we completed column addition and subtraction. I have added examples of how to do this into the maths documents to help if you have forgotten.

English - This week English will be based on writing. You will be using a little video, and most importantly your imagination to complete different writing challenges! This activity will take a while, so don't worry if you don't complete this in a week :) Remember your punctuation and beautiful handwriting you can show off now!

(22.04.2020) I have noted that the video address in the word document may not work. Try this link instead! (Thank you to the parent who let me know!)

STEM learning - STEM is learning which uses Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths to complete a challenge or question which has been given. I have given you 6 challenges to complete at home, which can be done on your own, in a team or in a competition with someone else at home. You may need to raid the recycling to complete some of the tasks!

Reading - I hope you are all reading during this time away from school. I certainly have, and I have even read a story for you all which is online for you to see! Have you seen Mr Worsley and Miss Hill's stories? Head to our youtube or our facebook page to see them and listen! There will be one every school day from different teachers. Look for St Andrews Primary Eccles in your search.

I hope you are all happy and well,

Miss Whatmore


Hello again

I hope you have all had good weekends and enjoying the sunshine safely.

I have updated our class page again with resources, challenges and activities for this week.

Maths is focused on Time this week - if you have an analogue clock it will really help you to have that to look at while you work. Also the activities are numbered, so try to go from 1 and things will be a little easier.

Imagination Task - if you are feeling a little creative this week and want a little escape, try the Imagination Task. There are tasks which need a lot of wonderful ideas to complete writing, art, geography and design challenges.

Hope you enjoy your learning this week,

Miss Whatmore


Friday 10th April 2020

Good morning everyone, 

As this weekend is a special one, I have added some activities onto our page (look for the Easter Activities tab on the right) and some little ideas for things you could do together at home : 

Create an edible rainbow project:

As we see rainbows of hope popping up in people’s windows, school gates and in the media we thought we’d continue this in the kitchen. What rainbow inspired dishes can you create? These can be sweet or savoury. They could fit the design brief because of their colour, shape or arrangement on the plate. Haven’t got any food colouring or colourful fruit or veg? No problem! What about spelling out the word “rainbow” instead? I know that your parents normally tell you not to play with you food, but I’m sure they can make an exception just this once…?

Grow your own rainbow project:
For this you will need:
- Kitchen roll/ paper towel
- Felt tip pens
- Two small bowls of water
- Paper clip

- Thread    

1. Cut your kitchen roll into the shape of a rainbow.

2. Colour a rainbow with felt tips about 2cm up on both sides.

3. Attach your paper clip to the top of the rainbow and tie a piece of thread to it. This will give you something to hold your rainbow with.

4. Fill each bowl with water

5. Hold your rainbow with the ends slightly submerged in the water then watch your rainbow grow! 

Hope you have some fun this weekend,

Hope you are all happy and well,

Miss Whatmore


Wednesday 8th April 2020

Hello again everyone,

A few of our class have been in touch that they are running out of things to read. Remember at this time when we are not in school, you can still access Accelerated Reader to complete quizzes. If you have books at home you can check if they have a quiz by following this link:

Below are some websites where there are lots of online reading and audiobooks : 

Above all, it's REALLY important that you are reading for pleasure. As well as books, you can read magazines, websites, eBooks, listen to stories, leaflets...there are so may ideas!

Happy reading 

Miss Whatmore


Monday 6th April 2020

Good Morning Year 3

Another week has begun and I am so proud of hearing about work which has been completed at home. If you aren't sure where to find extra activities to try - look on the tabs to the right of this page and find some new things to try out.

As the weeks continue, teachers are adding more and more work. Some of which are word documents which can be filled in on a computer / tablet / laptop and some documents are PDF. If you are running out of paper or ink at home, remember these activities are to help you revise and secure learning, so they can be completed on any paper or workbook you have at home, rather than downloading and printing each activity.

I hope you are enjoying home learning, this week I have added some Geography, Reading, Maths, GPS and some wonderful at home Science tasks which you can try using things you have at home. Remember to access PurpleMash and TimesTable RockStars also this week.

Hope you are happy and well 

Miss Whatmore

Wednesday 1st April 2020

We have come into a new month Year 3, we are now in April. 

April is the month of spring, Easter, warmer weather and brighter days. As this month we will start to see more flowers growing, and especially daffodils, I have updated our page with some arts and crafts, poetry and science activities based on daffodils to have a go at this week (look at the links in Blooms In April). Perhaps go out for a walk  and see how many different flowers you can find growing where you live? (Remember - only exercise / walk with people that you live with and once a day)

Hope you're having a lovely week and are happy and well.

Week Beginning 30.3.2020

Good Morning Year 3 (I can almost hear you replying!)

Comment ca va? I hope you can remember how to reply to me in French?I have uploaded some more work for you to complete while you are at home. I hope you are enjoying the work which has been sent so far...there is quite a lot on our page so don't worry if you are taking your time on this work, there are many things for you to try!

FRENCH - For your home learning this week I have added some documents for you try - including some French revision into numbers and foods. In the activities I have written our pronunciation reminders into the text to help you. I have also added a link to a breakfast story in French which could help you to remember how we say some of the words.

Further to the breakfast work I have also added some number work to refresh your memory into how we count in French. You might recognise it from our lessons!

MATHS - For Maths this week you have 5 DAILY lessons for Fractions. I have given you a short task for everyday, little and often works best. Again if you need to refresh your memory there is a link in the activities to a website which has a helpful video for each lesson and activity. The answers are there too parents - I will upload those on Friday so you can see how learning at home went this week.

READING - For home reading this week, I have added a document which has 4 days of reading tasks made up of a short comprehension and questions task. Also keep reading your home reading books and trying some of the reading links which are on our Facebook page to online reading and audiobooks.

GPS - Finally I have included some GPS work which looks at spelling, grammar and punctuation in each task. These tasks are similar to those we do in school so you should be great at completing them - remember to use a thesaurus or dictionary if you need to, or if you want some interesting ideas.

I hope you are all happy and well,

Miss Whatmore



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