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Year 3

Year 3

Christmas Party Time

On Wednesday we had our fabulous Christmas party. There was lots of dancing, party games and delicious food. Thank you to everyone for their contributions! We have some great dancers in Year 3, although not all of us are so good at playing musical statues.

Well done to Lattiya for winning the Pass the Parcel!

We also had a special visitor to our class. Father Christmas came and gave each of the children a special present. He answered all of the children's questions and wished everyone a happy holiday. He even got a special present of a slice of pizza from our Harry!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us in Year 3!

Road Safety

On Friday we were lucky to have two special visitors to Year 3. Jill and Sarah from Salford City Council came to talk to us about keeping safe on the roads. We discussed how to be safe when crossing the road. Did you know that it is important to look right first?

After discussing how to stay safe on roads, we moved on to talk about how to keep safe on the roads during this time of year, when it gets dark much earlier. We learnt which coats are the most visible on dark nights and we learnt a quick and easy way to make dark coloured coats much easier to spot by passing cars.

As you can see in the gallery, if you wear a fluorescent jacket, you are highly visible, however, not everyone has one of these at home! You can also keep safe by wearing light coloured coats, hats, scarves and gloves. A really quick way to keep safe is to add fluorescent straps to dark coats. We had so much fun dressing up in different clothing, some of us definitely have a future career in modelling! We are going to make sure that we follow all of the super advice we were given and keep safe.

Terrible Tudors!

Year 3 have had a fantastic time during Creative Week! We have spent our time investigating different Tudor monarchs, with a particular focus on Henry VIII. We found out lots of interesting facts about Henry, at the beginning of the week some of us thought he could be considered a hero, others thought he was a villain. After looking at all of the evidence; in the end we decided that we thought he definately was a villain, and wrote a persuasive text explaining why others should believe this too.

We also had lots of fun designing, sewing and evaluating our very own Tudor purses and wallets. We carefully picked a Tudor inspired design to use on our purses, lots of use decided on a Tudor Rose. We loved the sewing and hope to do more of it this year!

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