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Year 6

Year 6

Christmas Is Coming!!

Hello again everyone,

Christmastime is upon us - in Year 6 we have been busy working away on lots of writing - there will be some excellent examples to follow - yet this doesn't mean we haven't had some Christmas fun.

Year 6 were chosen to be a part of a local cluster of schools which would be holding a carol service at St Andrew's Church.

St Andrews worked closely with Godfrey Ermen to learn new songs and practise them together. This meant a couple of walks in the rain but we got there with smiles on our faces!

So after weeks of learning the songs and humming along during our lessons, we were ready to go to St Andrews to perform. There was a total of seven schools performing at the same time, which meant it was a little squashed, but our school behaved beautifully and sang their hearts out! Well done, we were really proud of you, and what a way to start Christmas!

Road Safety

Today we had a talk in school about how we can keep safe in the dark and when crossing the road. As the nights are becoming darker and in the morning when we are walking to school, Year 6 had a visit to talk about how we can make sure we are seen in the dark.

These are some of the notes which Year 6 have made on the day :

When we are crossing the road safely we need to :
Stop on the pavement
Look RIGHT then LEFT
Walk across the road
Keep looking and listening as you cross

To help us be seen in the dark we should :

Wear bright or light clothing / socks / bag
‘Hi-vis’ jackets when walking with school
If you are wearing a dark jacket – wear a bright scarf, hat, gloves or bag
Wear your school bag with the reflective strip on the OUTSIDE
Wear a reflective band or key-ring on your jacket or bag

Anti-bullying Week

This week has been anti-bullying week in school, from this we have been completing some P4C lessons into the themes which surround anti-bullying. We linked our thinking to P4C with the focus of 'How do our actions affect others?'

Today we watched the John Lewis advert 'Man on the Moon'. The link is below:

After watching we discussed themes from the video. Year 6 decided that the morals from the story are: friendship, inclusion, caring for others, love, hope, loneliness, kindness and respect.

From these ideas we generated the question 'Should we care for people we don't know?' Some of Year 6's responses were so thoughtful and engaging

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