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PE & Sports Premium

PE & Sports Premium

Physical Education (PE) 2018/19

Our mission: At St Andrew’s we want our pupils to enjoy a variety of sports and understand how being active and leading a healthy life style improved your quality of life and ability to learn. Our teachers are committed to giving every child the opportunity to enjoy sport, take part in competitions and achieve.

Great News!

This academic year, school have received funding from the Government, especially for sport. We will receive £ 16,000 plus £10 per child to spend on ensuring children receive high quality PE and have an opportunity to take part in competitions. This means our school will receive around £17,930.

How will School spend the money?

St Andrew’s will be spending this money on the foll owing areas

  • £17,000 will be spent on specialist PE teachers who will be coming into school to teach our children alongside our fantastic staff. This will help to make our PE lessons even better. These teachers will also be leading after school clubs and we will be focusing on engaging our girl s particularly.
  • £1,000 Transportation costs to competitions and entrance fees
  • £1,500 Extra swimming lessons in Year 4, so the children can learn all year around.  

How will the school know if the money has had a positive impact on the pupils?

  • We will carry our lesson observations and pupil interviews to gauge how much PE lessons have got even better, how much more our pupils enjoy and achieve in PE, how the new equipment has helped in the delivery, quality and enjoyment of PE lessons and how competitions have raised pupil interest in sport, self esteem and social skills.
  • We will track the number and gender of pupils engaging in our sports to find out if the number of pupils, particularly girls, joining in sports clubs increased?
  • The number of Year 4 children who can swim at least 25m competently, confidently and proficiently will increase.  


Each half term there will be a completion, event or sports festival. The first one, due to be held at Salford City Academy at the end of October will involve a number of local primary schools and we will be competing in a netball competition.

Throughout the rest of the year other competitions and festivals for games such as cricket and football, dance and will be organised.

Here at St Andrew’s there will be a greater emphasis on encouraging our girls to join in sports and do so competitively .

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