To strive for respect, enjoyment and excellence


We pledge to:

  • Work jointly to improve attendance across our city.
  • Champion the benefits of good school attendance in our work.
  • Support families to help the children develop and maintain good attendance habit in the early years and throughout their school life.
  • Celebrate good and improved attendance.
  • Listen to children and young people's experiences and how they effect their ability to engage in school life daily.
  • Make sure the right king of support is available so children and young people can attend school.
  • Work together to remove barriers to good attendance.
  • Minimise disruption to learning if children and young people are unable to attend school.
  • Review how our organisations can support all children and young people to have good school attendance in Salford.

Salford City Council

Key Data

80% attendance = 1 whole year out of every 5 years

85% attendance = 29 days or 6 weeks or 145 lessons

90% attendance = 19 days or 4 weeks or 95 lessons

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