To strive for respect, enjoyment and excellence
Our School

Our School

Aims and Values of our School

Our school is a Christian school which welcomes children of all faiths from families who share our belief in a nurturing and supportive education. We are committed to:

  • Building a caring and conscientious school community where children, families and staff feel valued and respected;
  • Equipping all children with the skills for life which will enable them to grow into confident and successful adults, ready to make a positive contribution to life in a multi-cultural society;
  • Ensuring all children are happy, healthy, safe and secure;
  • Encouraging families and the local community to work in partnership with the school to achieve success;
  • Providing all children with the lasting benefits of new experiences in order to broaden their horizons and teach them how to face challenges;
  • Helping all children to develop values and beliefs whilst appreciating and richness and diversity of a multi-cultural society;
  • Celebrating every success

Our Core Values:
love, honesty, forgiveness and respect.

Golden Rules

Do be gentle. Do not hurt anybody.

Do be kind and helpful. Do not hurt people’s feelings.

Do look after property. Do not waste or damage things.

Do work hard. Do not waste your or other people’s time.

Do listen to people. Do not interrupt.

Do be honest. Do not cover up the truth.

Do co-operate. Do not argue.

Pastoral Care

All members of staff are involved in pastoral care of the pupils under the overall direction of the Head Teacher. Beyond this, the school is served by an Education Welfare Officer and a School Nursing Team. Mrs Simpson Family Well-Being Coordinator and Mrs Maher, Inclusion Manager are the school’s key workers in this area.

Children in Difficulty

Sometimes children are unhappy at school. They find the work too hard or they do not get on well with another child. Our school has an experienced, hardworking, caring and professional staff with expertise in many areas of the curriculum. They are willing to listen to and show understanding of any problems which may arise that affect the children in their care.

Usually the teacher, Family Well-Being Coordinator or the Headteacher can sort out such problems by involving the parents. If we still cannot solve a particular problem we may, with the parents' agreement, talk to other people (e.g. a doctor, social worker, school nurse or educational psychologist etc.)

Assemblies and Collective Worship

St Andrew’s is a Church of England (Controlled) School with close links with its church. Assemblies are conducted on a Christian basis within a caring and co-operative atmosphere which embraces all beliefs. Worship is led by the Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, the Vicar of St Andrew’s Church and other members of the teaching staff.

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